Launch of the Month

Each month a launch will be featured. This will be based on nominations that you can make or on information received regarding a particular launch. There is also a quiz, 'Name That Launch' and a vote for the best collective term for Slipper Launches. 


This month's launch is Mayflower ........




Mayflower is a 30ft Meakes Slipper Launch built by J.G. Meakes of Marlow in 1934 and was included in the Phillips Classic Boat Auction at Henley in 1999. This slipper launch was one of the more prized entries to the auction and appeared on the back cover of the catalogue. As you can see, Mayflower was very well presented with an extremely clean white hull to the water line and varnished afrormosia decks and varnished interior. There are two spotlights and mushroom shaped ventilators above the engine compartment. The engine is an Austin 10hp 4 cylinder petrol with a 12 volt electric start.  

A replica of Mayflower was commissioned in 2003, we await further details.

In the 1960ís Keith Moon drummer with the Who rock band owned Mayflower.


Launch of the Month Nominations

Your nominations must be for a Slipper Stern Launch, you will need to attach a quality image and provide some information about the launch.

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Name That Launch

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The Collective Term for Slipper Stern Launches

For sometime we have been contemplating what the collective term for Slipper Stern Launches should be. Here is your chance to join in. You can vote for:

A glide of Slipper Launches 

A fan of Slipper Launches    


An elegance of Slipper Launches    

A parade of Slipper Launches       

 Suggestion is: