The Slipper Launch Collection

Thames Traditional Boat Rally 2000

Following a particularly blustery and cool 2nd week of July, things finally began to warm up for the annual Thames Traditional Boat Rally held at Fawley Meadows, Henley-on-Thames on the 15th and 16th July 2000. There was a reasonable showing of Slipper Launches and it was good to see Baby Greyhound once again.

The format was different from last year, the sail past of each class of boats was not run to a schedule as it was in 1999. The result was that each group organised their own thing. So I only saw one parade of Slipper Launches on Saturday and one on the Sunday.

Baby Greyhound went to set off on the circuit after lunch on the Saturday but unfortunately had engine problems. Repair work was attempted on Sunday but the problem not resolved. It was a pleasant surprise to see Picardie and Symbol, as I had seen them 4 weeks previously being worked on at Wootens and had thought at the time that they would not be ready for the rally.

Natsumi with new owners from Weybridge were at the rally for their first appearance. The Slipper Launches in attendance were:

Baby Greyhound Boat 144 (to be named Nymph) Chatterbox III Cheetah
Daughter of Elrond Flying Fox India Larchwood
Maid Marianne Millennium Natsumi Picardie
Portofino Santerre Swanella Symbol

Thames Traditional Boat Rally 2000 pictures.....

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Slippers foreground with Dunkirk Little ships in the background.

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Baby Greyhound


The Andrews Trophy

For Andrews slipper stern launches, awarded for restoration and maintenance.

Awarded to Swanella   -  Owner: John Llewellyn