Restoration of Knight Errant

Progress Update

A major restoration has commenced at the Clewer boatyard, Windsor. The subject of the renovation is Knight Errant, one of only two remaining 50 feet slipper stern launches. The project is going to take approximately 18 months and the restored craft is expected to be of the highest standards.

The first job was to remove the old planking and any suspect frames, this done every second frame in the centre section of the boat was doubled up to stiffen up the keel and to tie the keel and frames together. The keel has been doubled up with 1 of iroko through out its length, a new 2 iroko keel has been fitted. All of the side framing has been doubled up where it joins the bottom frame to give more sideways stiffness.  

The bottom planking is being replaced with two layers of 3/8 iroko in a double diagonal configuration the first layer has been epoxied to the framing and also edge glue to make a water tight seal the second layer is then epoxy glued and fastened with silicon bronze gripfast nails through both layers and in to the framing.

The inside of the hull is then having two coats of epoxy resin followed by two coats of grey bilge paint. The outside of the hull is also being give two coats of epoxy prior to being painted with anti-fouling.  

At present eight frames have been replaced in the forward section of the vessel and a full height bulkhead has been added in the forward end to create the area for the engine to go in.  

The forward and aft decks have been removed as has the side decks. Several lengths of new chine rails and stringers have been fitted. The next stage will be to start fitting the new frames to the back aft and to start planking up the aft section along with the new longitudinal stiffening.



The engine has now been decided on and will be a 5 cylinder 72 hp diesel by Beta Marine, this will be a very strong and quiet unit and is expected to give a top speed of around 18 knots, which should be a sight to behold.

The restoration project will continue throughout 2001. The Slipper Launch Collection will track progress of the project on this website. Visitors are also welcome to visit the Clewer Boatyard to see the work in progress, please call Colin Messer (0468-456058) to arrange a suitable time.


Many thanks to Colin Messer for this update.

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